We're driven by a passion to help our clients build stronger, more agile and more innovative businesses. HiFi Logics enables global enterprises to address a dual mandate: to make their current operations as efficient and cost-effective as possible, and to invest in innovation to unleash new potential across their organizations.

What makes HiFi Logics is our ability to help clients meet both challenges. We help them enhance productivity by ensuring that vital business functions work faster, cheaper and better. And, our ability to conceptualize, architect and implement new and expanded capabilities allows clients to transform legacy models to take their business to the next level.

The HiFi Logics development & Architects team uses technology to solve business problems. We distinguish ourselves through our combination of talent and approach. Our team of strategists, architects, project managers, and developers are highly experienced and are often software- or platform-certified. By leveraging our Mobile and Integration practices, we have the unique ability to create highly custom end-to-end solutions. Because HiFi Logics also operates a successful Staffing Services practice, we have access to an extensive global network of experienced developers. As important as our talent is our approach. We partner with our customers to take a enterprise view of business issues and opportunities, so we look not only at the current need but toward a big picture solution. Utilizing our Global Services practice, we can employ a blended team of onshore and offshore developers and US-based project managers and technology leads to deliver excellent solutions at a reduced cost. We work this way because we don’t just want to be asked to do a project. We want to be asked back again.


Our delivery managers partners with clients to deliver solutions for:

  • Big Data
  • Web Application Development
  • Internet & Intranet
  • E-Commerce
  • CMS
  • Portal
  • .NET/Microsoft
  • Java/J2EE
  • Oracle
  • IBM
  • Open Source
  • Desktop Application Development
  • Data Warehousing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cloud Computing